Sled Kites Project Instructions

The Sled Kite Project has been quite popular with the students.   These Sled Kites have three significant features:

The Bill of Materials for these Sled Kites is shown below:

Also, the following tools and supplies will be needed:

Sled Kite Plans Sled Kite Pattern

  1. Cutting the Kite from the plastic garbage bag
    1. Cut the sealed bottom off of the garbage bag
    2. Lay the garbage bag on a table and work out the wrinkles
    3. Lay the Kite Pattern on top of the garbage bag and align the long edge of the pattern with the creased edge (i.e. the folded over edge) of the bag
    4. Trace around the Kite Pattern with a Sharpie marker
    5. Using a scissors cut on the line that was traced making sure to cut thru both layers of the garbage bag

Showing pattern on the trash bag.
  1. Duct taping the Dowels in place

    1. Place one half of one of the approximately x 2 Duct Tape strips under the plastic sheet of the kite as shown on the plans. Note: the picture shows grey duct tape rather than clear to make the tape show more clearly.
    2. Place the one of the dowels on top of the plastic sheet as shown on the plans.
    3. Wrap the rest of the Duct Tape strip on top of dowel rod to attach it to the plastic sheet.
    4. On the other end of the dowel place another strip of Duct Tape on the underside of the plastic sheet.
    5. While holding the dowel pull the plastic tight and wrap the rest of the Duct Tape strip on top of the end of the dowel to attach it to the plastic sheet.
    6. Repeat this process for the other dowel.

  1. Reinforcing the tips of the Kite
    1. On the tip of Kite place one of the approximately x 1 pieces of Duct Tape in the position shown on the plans.
    2. On the other side of the tip of the Kite place another piece of Duct Tape as shown on the plans.
    3. Approximately in from the tip punch a 1/8 hole
    4. Repeat the same steps on the other tip of the Kite.
    5. If there is desire to decorate the Kite, now is good time to do so with permanent markers.   The wider portion of the kite is the top.
Showing reinforced tips

  1. Attaching the String to the Kite
    1. Cut off a 6 foot section of kite string from the spool.   To measure out 6 feet of string the 2 foot long dowel can be used to measure this.
    2. Tie one end of this string to the tip of the Kite thru the hole that has been punched using a square knot.   In tying this string to the kite make sure that the string is free move in this hole.
    3. Repeat the previous step on the other tip of the Kite.
    4. Line up the two tips of the Kite and then pull on the string to find the middle of the string.   Tie a knot in the string so that there is small loop in the middle.   Not getting this loop in the middle will cause the kite to fly erratically.
    5. Tie the spool of Kite String to the Kite at the loop that was formed in the previous step using a square knot to form another loop.
    6. The Kite is now ready to fly.   Make sure that you have a large enough area to fly the Kite so you avoid power lines and trees.
Attaching the kite string to your kite