The local Area EAA Chapter has had great success with the Young Eagle Flights that it has offered.   The Young Eagle Flights have been well received by both the students who were able to go on one of these flights and also by their parents.   But, the parents have often commented that the Young Eagle Flight was a good experience, what can their children do next?   Unfortunately, we didn’t have a good response.

As an attempt to fill this void, in 2000 I started offering aviation classes at Parkside Elementary as part of their After Hours Classes.   These classes initially used the “Flight Site” that had been donated by the Experimental Aircraft Association.   Later the Delta Dart project was added.   These classes were offered with the assistance of Larry Morlock and Mike Foushee. In the Fall of 2004 the classes moved to the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus Indiana (i.e. part of an organization called the Foundation For Youth (FFY)).   By moving the classes to the FFY, I was able to offer them classes more often and reach a better target audience.   Also, with the move to the FFY, the classes became known as the First Flights Classes. The class materials have also been used to earn the Boy Scout Aviation Merit badge and the Girl Scout Aerospace badge.

At the FFY, the First Flights classes continue to use the “Flight Site” that was at Parkside (i.e. when Parkside stopped using it, I was able to get it donated to the FFY). Since then I have expanded these classes to include the following projects: