The Library has two objectives:   First, obviously encouraging kids to read is a good thing.   One way to accomplish this is to provide materials that they want to read.   To do this we provide age appropriate aviation magazines that they are free to take and read.   Also, we have some age appropriate books that they can read.   Second, for the kids who want to learn more we want to provide a way for them to do that on their own time.   The age appropriate books and magazine also serve this purpose.

To provide the magazines for the students to take, they are collected from local people with an interest in aviation.   Experience has shown that people are more than willing to give away their past issues so that the kids can read them.   The magazines are put on a rack so the kids are free to take them whenever they want.

Several age appropriate books are provided for the students to read.   The book "Wild Blue Wonders: Exploring the Magic Flight" by Lane Wallace is the best book that I have found for explaining aviation to upper elementary and middle school kids.   The manner in which it is written with many pictures, drawings and web addresses makes it ideally suited for this age group.   I think so much of this book that I have placed of a copy of it in each of the local school libraries.   It can be purchased from the Experimental Aircraft Association for $9.95.   "Flying: Just Plane Fun" by Julie Grist provides for the same age group a good explanation as to what is involved in making a flight in a small airplane.   This book also can be purchased from the Experimental Aircraft Association.   b“What’s a Piper Cub?” by Jim Wheaton and Sam Lyons also provides a similar explanation.   This book can be purchased at>.

To decorate the area at the Foundation For Youth in which we hold the First Flights classes, we have put a number of aviation posters on the walls.   The first poster is an aviation map of the state of Indiana.   The next poster shows Burt Rutan holding a paper airplane in front of SpaceShipOne.   In my opinion, this poster tells a significant message.   The significance is that Burt Rutan learned skills from model airplanes that allowed SpaceShipOne to be successful.   This shows how basic skills can be applied to accomplish very significant things.   Our third picture frame shows a fold-out section that used to be in Air and Space magazine.   These fold out sections are changed out every few weeks to keep what is being displayed changing.   Finally, there is a set of three posters that explains the basics of flying.

To create this library only the books and the Burt Rutan poster were purchased (i.e. the rest were donated).   So, for less than a $100 one can encourage the kids to read, give an area an aviation theme and communicate additional information.