Renegade Racer Project

The Renegade is a small single seat racer (i.e. yes, it is a full size airplane).

>p> The Renegade Racer is very similar to a Cassutt Racer except that it is powered by a VW engine.   A picture of a Cassutt racer is shown below.

So, why build a full size airplane?   It is hopefully a way to make teaching basic skills to older kids (i.e. Junior and High School age) more interesting than the other First Flights classes.   By building an airplane they would learn wood, sheet metal, fiberglass, fabric, engine installation, blueprint reading and other skills.

But, aren’t airplanes a liability concern and expensive?   Yes!!!.   This is why I do not plan for the finished project to be airworthy.   This may to some extent limit the kids interest level in this project.   But, it will address the liability concern and allow lower cost materials to be used.

Why the Renegade Racer?   Well, one reason is that it was available.   This project belonged to a good friend of mine.   When he passed on his widow offered me this project to use as part of these classes (i.e. you may be able to find other such projects that people are willing to donate.   Ask around.   Another reason is that the Renegade Racer is a nice looking airplane that will hopefully appeal to Junior High and High School kids.   It is small airplane so less materials will be needed to build it.   It will be easier to store after it is finished.   Finally, being VW powered offers some lower cost engine options.

What will happen to the Renegade Racer when it is finished?   As previously mentioned, being a small airplane it will be much easier to store.   My intention is to use it to introduce kids to airplanes.   The kids could sit in it and use the controls. They could even preflight it. I could even see it used in a local parade to help raise awareness.   Another potential is that, in the future, kids could remake sections of the airplane.

What is the current status of this project?   I have moved it back to where I live (Yes, it was interesting having the fuselage on top of the family van.) The project consists of a fuselage, tail feathers, plywood to cover the wings and cowling.   The rust has been cleaned off of the steel parts and primed/coated to prevent future rust.   These pieces are currently being stored until we can make more progress on this project.

<-- Show the Renegade fuselage on driveway - side.JPEG photo here. It will need to be reduced from its current size -->