First Flights

First Flights is a collection of Aviation based projects and classes which teaches youth low cost, age appropriate ways to learn more about aviation.   While these classes use aviation as the topic, they also teach basic skills which can be applied elewhere.   In these classes the students generally make their own projects and fly them before taking them home.   Plans for the projects are included on this website. &nnbsp The appropriate age range for these projects is 9 years and up, except for the Delta Dart, Wooden Rib and Renegade Racer projects, which is 12 years and up.

I developed these classes over time in response to my assisting with local Young Eagle Flight Rallies and Cub Scouts.   I have offered these classes weekly, since 2004, at the Boys and Girls Club.   I have also used these class materials as part of earning the Boy Scout Aviation merit Badge and the Girl Scout Aerospace badge.

This website is meant to be a way to share and get ideas for other projects.   Feedback is welcomed.





Sled Kites

Hot Air Balloons

Bottle Rockets

Fantastic Flyer

First Flights Flyer

Delta Dart

Wooden Rib

Remote Control Planes

Flight Simulator

Young Eagles Flights

Renegade Racer

Copy Paper Squirrel